Not just services, but solutions that put business in motion

We have created special services dedicated to the optimization and enhancement of your business. Our team consists of professionals able to treat with success and performance even the most demanding requirements of our customers. Over time, we have developed ideal solutions for various industries such as automotive, recycling, steel and sheet metal manufacturing, metal processing, wood industry, sanitaryware marketing, manufacture of agricultural machinery, FMCG and logistics.

Shipping house

The shipping house provides freight services on international land routes, through lorries and trucks. Being specialized in transport, we shall always bring the best offer to satisfy your needs. By choosing our services, you will permanently benefit of professionalism, fairness and quality.

Dedicated transport

In the case of partners with larger volumes, we created the special type of transport for these situations, which includes the fleet and specialized staff. Thus, we guarantee transport safety and confidence that the merchandise will arrive in a perfect condition, on time..

Complete transport services

For accurate results, we offer transport services covering a wide range of categories in this field. The means of transport that we offer at your disposal include general palletized cargo, sheet rolls and coils of stainless steel, freight volume, hazardous material ADR-class 3, refrigerated and frozen merchandise or requiring temperature control, bulk cargo (ferrous and nonferrous scrap)

Dispatch available 24/7

Our dispatch is available at any time and shall provide a perfect communication with partners, drivers and traffic department, in order to resolve any queries relating to transport. Our operators are available with telephone support in international languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German..

Permanent Vehicle Location

We use an advanced technology that allows us to ensure traffic monitoring the route and time criteria deviations. This service will allow the access to the transport status, being able to approximate the arrival time.

Advisory services

All services we provide are in full legal compliance, and the trust that we offer to our customers is guaranteed. In the case of orders with multiple unloadings, we provide endorsement services for the trucks at the retail points.